Octave symbolic is more user-friendly than Matlab

Introduction The Octave-Forge Symbolic package adds symbolic calculation features to GNU Octave. It use SymPy under its hood, but no knowledge of Python is required. I found in some way that the result of Octave symbolic package is more user-friendly than Matlab. Test For example, you can test the following code in both applications to compare the results. 1 2 3 4 % pkg load symbolicsyms a1 a2 a3 m v0 t realvt = (-a2+sqrt(-a2^2+4*a1*a3)*tan((-sqrt(-a2^2+4*a1*a3)/m)*t/2 + atan((2*a1*v0+a2)/sqrt(-a2^2+4*a1*a3))))/(2*a1)xt = simplify(int(vt,t)) In Octave, the commented line ‘pkg load symbolic’ must be uncommented first to load the symbolic package.


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Config Hugo with Mathjax or Katex

Hugo is a popular and fast engine to build static sites from Markdown content files. But if you want to render LaTeX math equation in your html pages, you need more. Mathjax and Katex are two options to do the job. Mathjax is a powerful Javascript engine which renders each LaTeX snippet into a svg, while Katex is a lightweight math typesetting library which renders each LaTeX symbol into kind of typesetting character.

利用 yasnippet 工具快速输入

Snippets 是方便加速输入的代码片断,在 spacemacs 中能够很方便的创建并插入它们,只需几个快捷键就可以免去日常重复输入内容的麻烦。Spacemacs 默认利用 yasnippet 工